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Celtic Mysticism: Your Personal Guide to Celtic and Druid Tradition by Tracie Long

Celtic Mysticism: Your Personal Guide to Celtic and Druid Tradition by Tracie Long

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Connect more meaningfully to the cultural wisdom and occult knowledge of the rich and thriving Celtic world.

Reclaim ancestral traditions and older ways of connecting with the earth and spirituality by going straight to the heart of mystical traditions. Celtic Mysticism explores the folk magic that has thrived in the British Isles for thousands of years. With this guidebook for both newcomers to magical practice and those searching for a concise reference to a long history, discover how to honor your connection to nature and the rhythms of the seasons in the Celtic way. Explore the history behind Celtic practices, rituals, and spells and then engage with them firsthand, forming a deeper bond with Mother Earth.

Illuminated by beautiful illustrations, this guide presents:

  • The lore and history of the Celts
  • Rites and spells based in green magic and natural cycles
  • Meditations and rituals to bring the ancient wisdom into modern life
  • Key concepts, figures, and legends of Celtic tradition

As with every title in the Mystic Traditions series, Celtic Mysticism is a celebration of a unique and beautiful culture. As such, the subject matter and content has been treated with the utmost care and respect to ensure an accurate and reverent presentation that is accessible to a variety of audiences, and serves to further educate and foster support for these rich practices and traditions for years to come.

Celtic Mysticism is your engaging, accessible, and hands-on introduction to the deep magic and spirituality of the Celts. 

 Mystic Traditions series explores mystical and spiritual traditions and magical practices from around the world from a modern perspective. These guides offer concise introductions to the origins of mystical practices; explain key concepts, figures, and legends in these traditions; and give straightforward and engaging instruction on how to connect directly with these practices through rituals, spells, and more.

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